Welcome to My World: Artist Teri Wilson Williams

Teri Wilson Williams resides in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. She earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. She is a member of the Arts Alliance of the White Mountains (AAWM), the Women Artists of the West (WAOW), and Oil Painters of America (OPA). Teri’s numerous artistic accomplishments include portraits for the Arizona Chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a painting for the Scottsdale Air Park Post Office, and a tile installation commissioned by a CEO of Allied Signal. In addition, her works include over thirty personal commissions. Her artwork has been recognized and awarded in local and national juried art exhibitions, and we’re so honored to have her beautiful piece, “In the Depths of Depression” on display during Miri Gallery’s “Welcome to My World: Mental Health Awareness Through Art” exhibit. Here’s what Teri had to say about her artwork:

Art has been in my life since I produced my first piece of art at the age of two, proudly displayed by my mother on the refrigerator. My father being an “I Can” man nurtured my interest thru books, galleries, and his own paintings.

 In the Depths of Depression

In the Depths of Depression

In January of 2015 someone close to me suffered a nervous breakdown, spending many months in deep depression. I had never been so close to so much pain. This painting “In the Depths of Depression” haunted me, often waking me from my sleep until its completion. To me, it symbolizes how the darkness of depression can swallow the spiritual essence of a person until they completely disappear. Though hands of support may surround them, their spirit is often out of reach and they continue to reside in the bleak dark prison of depression.

As in this painting, my art is a reflection of my life experiences, the joys, activities, and trials of daily life. Art has become an integral part of my very existence and the very action of creating a piece, calms my soul.

I have loved working in all mediums but oils have been my medium of choice. Since I took my first figure painting class I have loved the way oils feel on a canvas. Sculpting, however, has recently become my new love. The creation that emerges from molding a lump of clay embodies for me the wonder of the power each of us has to shape our lives. Although, they are two very separate processes the 3-d of sculpting intertwines and allows me a greater depth in my 2-d works.


 You can view Teri’s piece, “In the Depths of Depression” at Miri Gallery on September 16, and more of her work on her website at tbwwilliamsart.wordpress.com. You can also find her work featured on the websites of the following organizations: Arts Alliance of the White Mountains (AAWM), the Women Artists of the West (WAOW), and Oil Painters of America (OPA).